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The “Once & Always” continuing to march the veterans’ agenda forward for those who proudly served.

Wishing you a Happy and Safe New Year 2022

80th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

December 7th, 2021, marks 80 years since the attack on Pearl Harbor. Each year, we honor and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice that day.

Pearl Harbor 80th Remembrance Memorial

The Once & Always Chicago Marines presents the 80th Remembrance of the attack on Pearl Harbor memorial program.  Saturday, December 4, 2021 at 10:50am at the American Legion, located at 1824 W. Cortland St., Chicago Il 60622.  Download flyer below

Save the Date KWV 68th Armistice Salute, July 24, 2021

April 30, 1975, 46 Years ago, the VIETNAM WAR officially end

We reflect back 46 years ago, today. In South Vietnam,  SAIGON Falls-Vietnam War comes to an official end.  April ‘75 Operations Frequent Wind, US Marines HELO-evac from US Embassy rooftop is ordered to stand-down & return to their ships deployment.  To ALL who served during this era, in-country or out, your support was needed and felt worldwide.  To the people of the Republic of Vietnam (RVN) we too know of your pain and loss of close family.  Thank You and Welcome Home to All.  The last two US service casualties killed the day prior, in Memoriam to both US Marines Cpl Charles McMahon & L/Cpl Darwin Judge, along with many thousands who left behind their youth in a country so far away, will “Never Be forgotten.” RIP our Brothers, slow Hand-Salute!  S/F

Postponement of Iwo Jima 75th Anniversary VETERAN event

After reviewing the concerns and recommendations from the leadership of both Illinois Governor JB Pritzker & County Board President Toni Preckwinkle of eliminating large group gatherings and in reference to both CDC and DOD guidelines.  Taking responsibility in an effort to mitigate the continued spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), out of the abundance of cautions, these measures are being implemented to protect the safety of everyone’s well being, that of your family and members in your community.  


These decisions from our veterans were not easy and how to resolve the postponements even harder.  The Chicago MARINES will be practicing social distancing resulting in temporarily suspending up-coming veteran events that may compromise the high-risk category of our aging warriors of these eras.  We have highly supported our veterans in Cook County through past decades and will keep their recognition at the forefront.  We will closely monitor at least until the end of April 30 when a reevaluation can be assessed and shared based on positive developments when data on containment is collected.    


These suspended historic war campaigns include:

3/26 – the Battle for Iwo-To Island, 75th Anniversary and   

4/09 – the Fall of Bataan-Death March and

4/30 – the Fall of Saigon, officially ending the Vietnam War.   


I had also learned last week the C-19 Isolation category had been standardized in most medical centers from Droplet to Airborne Isolation, meaning the protection for both patient and health-worker increased ten-fold-plus, wearing garments similarly close to hazmat conditions.  The virus is anticipated to peak in forty-five days time, from the mid-time table of March 15 and is also determined by several other conditions.  We strongly encourage the cooperation and behavior of both our Millennial and GenZ categories to heed to advisories.  It is hopeful with these control measures in place, the number of new exposure cases should tamper off gradually while a vaccine for the single-strand RNA virus can be populated.     


Like most US Marines who are battle-tested in leadership, learned the 14 Traits and 11 Principles, in addition, to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome during trying times, together we too, can all get through this if we work as one team.  In the meantime, we are requesting that you set-up a virtual memorial at your local Post, Detachment or Chapter for all our veterans as each of us practice self-quarantine.  


The “Once & Always” continuing to march the veteran’s agenda forward for those who proudly served.   In the Air, on Land and C’ya on the beachhead.  charlie-mike out.

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